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So far the children’s school fights were settled by the teachers and if the conflict increased, then the parents had to be involved in resolving the Matter. But now there is a growing technology conflict between children in Japan schools. Now to solve this problem, the robot will be used here. There will be robots in the classes so that the bullying of children can be stopped.

Hearing the debates between children, the robots will be able to recognize signals such as mutual fights immediately. Before the quarrel increases, he will stop it there. This will provide great relief to the school teachers and their full attention will remain on the education of children.

According to the information, the deployment of these robots has started from this month in the western province of Otsu. More than four lakh cases of fights were registered between school children in Japan last year. Due to this complaint, ten children committed suicide. Because of which the government had to take this decision.

Let us tell you about the case is in 2011 in Japan’s Otsu. In which a 13-year-old child committed suicide. On this, the Otsu Education Board had said that the cause of child suicide is family and tension. But the investigation lasted for two years on the case revealed that he had committed suicide due to school fights.

The same police in the investigation revealed that the child was instigated for suicide. Not only that, that child was forced by some naughty children to eat a dead fly. He was strangled and his copy was torn up. After which the government made a law in 2013. It was said that any dispute in school and campus should be reported within 24 hours.

These laws were enforced on all schools of the country. The reason behind the deployment of robots is to be less painful for teachers. The robot will detect these signals and stop it before the dispute increases.

Prior to deployment of robots in schools, nine thousand old cases of a feud between them have been reported. They were analyzed so that they could take it in their memory. Then it was also tested among the children sitting in the class. In this test, the robot immediately recognized the incidence of the debate and the assault. He also warned the teacher.

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