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Many countries of the world have recognized Indian Yoga. World Yoga Day is also celebrated on June 21. On the contrary, a conservative MP from Illinois, Yelena Mizulina, says that inmates of the prison are at risk of becoming homosexual. Also, it may increase the tendency to fight in them.

According to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper – Yoga classes were started last year in some prisons of Moscow. It has very positive results. The officers also appreciated it. However, MP Yelena complained to the Prosecutor General’s office against the yoga classes.

According to the newspaper – after the complaint of Yelena Mizulina, opinions of experts on some yoga was also taken. Alexander Dworkin, a US-born historian, and knower of Orthodox Theology, no person can become gay by doing yoga.

An expert’s opinion for the complaint of Yelena cited that some yoga exercises can lead to an uncontrolled flow of sex between prisoners and result in homosexual relations.

An American historian and orthodox theologian Alexander Dorkin estimated that habitually criminal people suspect that they are gay. Due to which they refuse to eat with their hands. and this leads to rioting in the opposition. Dworkin’s report after getting leaked gathered criticism.

According to Valerie Maximenko, Deputy Head of FSI, the responsible institution of yoga classes in prisons – our research shows that the person doing yoga has to face the challenges of physical problems.

Yoga classes are currently being run as a pilot project. Soon it will be started in the rest of the jails too. Ilina is a controversial face in Russia’s politics. They are very conservative and oppose several progressive schemes. They suggested abolishing the right to abort. At the same time, there was the talk of imposing a tax on those who were divorced.

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