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How many of you have ever felt like you weren’t beautiful just because of some silly norm? How many of you’ve looked at a magazine cover and thought about how unattractive you were just because you didn’t look like those who featured in those magazines? Because you did not fit as per the normative, shape, size or color made you feel worthless?

Insecurities eat one up, they make you feel like you’re the least attractive person and it’s hard to believe someone when they compliment. You may feel like you’re not attractive but trust me when I say this, “You Are.” You’re one of the most beautiful things ever created. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size zero or a size twelve, you’re beautiful, irrespective of any kind bias. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, or whether you’re white, black, brown or yellow because let’s face it; the rainbow wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is without all its colors.

The society sets certain yardsticks that are too high to meet, too dangerous and too unrealistic, such that the women and men in those magazines themselves have a hard time in keeping up with what the have fabricated. It’s their job so you can imagine why it’s harder for a normal person like us to match up to those unrealistic unhealthy standards, and honestly, no one should force themselves to get into such a mess. There’s nothing wrong with not being as thin or as tall as models, there’s nothing wrong with being of a different complexion. Body positivity is a significant message that has to be disseminated in society.

You’re beautiful, regardless of whether or not you hit the gym, regardless of what you wear, how you wear it and how you look in it. Real beauty lies behind the masks we put on, within us. The flesh will not withstand for a long, it will decay one day, but what really matters is the real you which lies beneath the structure of 206 bones.

I’d personally take being a little on the heavier side than to have to starve myself to meet some beauty standard set by society, and let’s be real, every society and every country has a different take on what’s beautiful and what’s not, so how do you match up to all of them? You don’t. Be yourself and that’s enough. You don’t need fairness creams or any other product to be beautiful; you don’t need bronzers or glitter to make you beautiful because you shine bright enough.

You don’t need hair gels or buffed up arms or even six pack abs to be attractive, boys, you’re magnificent, and you don’t need anyone’s approval or appreciation. As long as you like the way you look, you’re good.

More than once in our lives, we come across people who have something or the other to say about the way we look, “haven’t you gained a little weight?” “Have you been starving yourself?” “Maybe you should try a different fairness cream,” “Maybe you should try doing pull-ups” “You must not get a lot of girls, given how short you are.” Well, guess what guys, what people say does not matter, you’re more than okay just the way you are. Like Bruno Mars says, “there’s not a thing that I would change, cuz you’re amazing, just the way you are,” listen to him, that guy knows what he’s talking about. You’re beautiful and you don’t need anyone’s approval and assurance about the way you look.

Let’s talk about some of the people who don’t match the standards but are still killing it, Zoe Kravitz, a fabulous singer, actor, and a model was included in Maxim’s Hot 100 List of 2017. Peter Dinklage, we all know him as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones and we all know that that show would be incomplete without him. Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous sex icons of her time defied these standards and still ruled the world.

Beauty is not something you can measure, there is no definite way of saying if a person’s beautiful or not, because you just are, regardless of your shape, size or color. We live in a world where no two people can be completely the same, so why should they be defined by the same standards? They shouldn’t.

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