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Festivals are cheerful opportunities to relax and detox one's mind from the woes of the world. While you might have celebrated Christmas, Holi, Diwali and so on, here are the weirdest festivals that are celebrated in the world.

El Colacho
Another festival that involves babies, is the ‘El Colacho’ festival which is quite strange and treads close to dangerousness. El Colacho (Baby jumping), is a Spanish holiday in which men dressed as devils jump over babies born 12 months back, laying on a mattress on the road. There are, unsurprisingly many injuries, yet this annual tradition continues to go on. It is sad that such traditions exist and people allow it to happen.

Battle of the Oranges
While Spain is famous for ‘La Tomatina’, the ‘Battle of Oranges’ of Italy gives it a tough competition. This giant food fight in Italy, literally involves battling with oranges. The town is divided into nine teams which throw oranges at each other, quite violently. Hundreds of people take part in this bizarre festival, full of colors and topped with fun.

Wife-carrying festival
Pick up your wife in your arms, not for romance, but to compete in a race. ‘Eukonkanto’ which originated in Finland also has a category in the Guinness Book of World Records. The most interesting part of this race lies in its prize. While you might think that the one with the most petite wife will be at an advantage, the prize for winning depends on the wife’s weight in beer!

Monkey Buffet Festival
Held annually in Thailand, this noble festival involves giving fruits and vegetables to monkeys in ‘Lopburi’ which has a colossal monkey population of about 2000. 4000 kilograms of fruits, vegetables, cakes, candies is set down in front of temples on tables providing a buffet for these monkeys. Accustomed to human presence, these monkeys are rather playful and mischievous.

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