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A man who hasn’t traveled didn’t learn a thing. It’s so true. Travelling is full of lessons, memories and considered as a wonderful thing. It’s just that a person should travel places where he was never been to before. Nature is beautiful on its own. It’s always very fascinating to empty our cups of curiosity and always interesting what lies beyond.

India, being a secular country consists of so many cultures and beautiful places and cultures marking their legacies in nature. Visa is a very useful, legal document needed to enter another country. While getting a Visa for a lot of countries isn’t really a hectic task, it’s great to know that there are still a few countries where Indian citizens are allowed to set sail or fly without a visa. So, check out the list if you want to go abroad and don’t worry about the visa.


Neighbor to Hong Kong and located in the south of China. It is known for its Casinos and luxuries Hotels. It is an ultimate destination for understanding the Portuguese and Chinese behavior altogether. Indians can avail 30 days of visa on arrival.

Jeju Island, South Korea

It is a surprise that you can visit South Korea island without any visa but only to a limited part that is Jeju Island. An Indian tourist can avail visa on arrival for 30 days.


Well, no other place can be more romantic than Venice or Paris. But without a visa Mauritius has made it possible for Indians without a visa and plus it is an easily accessible location. It is more of a honeymoon destination for the new couples. But a family trip or a trip with friends is worth a shot. People can enjoy scuba diving, fish games, nightlife and the beautiful sunsets with your loved ones.


Hearing that name, the mind refreshes with Pina Coladas, cocktails, football, lazy day on beach and Reggae Music. The birthplace of the legend Bob Marley and the famous Bob Marley Museum attract tourists too. Jamaica is blessed with tropical islands, reefs and the perfect nights.


It’s hard to love the animated animals of the Madagascar movie series and the lovely, ironic Penguins of Madagascar. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about that Madagascar only. Discover this island, straight out of the movie, just the way it is shown.

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