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Chandni Chowk is a world famous place, and the heart of Delhi belongs in here, amidst its rich cultural heritage. However modern Delhi may turn into, the hustling bustling streets of Chandni Chowk can never be forgotten. From outside it may appear to vary a busy place, but each nook and corner of it has a hidden secret and a hidden fact of itself. Some of these amazing facts are:


The whole place is a labyrinth of alleys or gullies which are in perpetual chaos. They are crammed with jewelry, fabric, electronic stores, and persistent hawkers. Tea shops are a common sight along with small pan shops. The lanes are always swarming with people, which makes it difficult to walk in them, so basically you are pushed and nudged to your destination. This doesn’t seem quite tempting, but Chandni Chowk remains popular amongst Dilliwalas and tourists.


Chandni Chowk was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and designed by his daughter Jahanara. The architecture is concealed by modem edifices which resurface when noticed carefully. Every crumbling wall of the dilapidated buildings of the Mughal era has a story to tell. They retain the charm of the Mughal world and make the place seem more ethereal.


Chandni Chowk is also a famous religious hub as it inhabits different places of worship for people of different beliefs. Most of the places are centuries old and peacefully coexist together. Sis Ganj Gurudwara, Christian Central Baptist Church, and Digambar Jain Temple stand on the same road. Jama Masjid stands not too far from the Red Fort. This speaks volumes for this place. It is rarely seen anywhere and is a spectacular feature of this place.


Abound with countless food joints; Chandni Chowk is one of Delhi’s most beloved haunt for every foodie. The streets are redolent with the aromas of their lip-smacking dishes and delicacies.


This has lanes of shops of jewelry, pans, and local cosmetics. Do have a look at this lane while going there. From a small metal pin to a ruby embellished necklace, from spices to titillate your taste buds to popular street food, from books to sarees, you will find everything at this shopper’s paradise at reasonable rates. Henceforth, Chandni Chowk can never go archaic.

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