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Nowadays photography has become a trend. It is also a very good profession, wonderful and reasonable hobby as digital cameras are getting cheaper and better day by day. Smartphones have also joined the photography game by offering camera rich functions which give competition to DSLRs. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. are full of professional photographs. Photography is the new cool trend and everyone feels like trying it once in a lifetime.

Delhi has a rich cultural heritage, historical monuments, and ancient structures. Delhi-ites are blessed with the beautiful locations for portfolios, photo shoots and photo walks. For such budding photography enthusiasts in New Delhi, there are a lot of beautiful and scenic locations in and around Delhi that offer a wide variety of photography opportunities. Delhi is a paradise for street photographers with congested streets and markets.

New to photography? Just start with Connaught Place where you will find hundreds of restaurants, buildings, and graffiti for a spell-bounding photo-shoot. Delhi is a city of such traditional and beautifully built places. Who would want to miss a chance here? So pick up your lens and start discovering the capital, first with Connaught Place and then follow the rest of the list:

1. Hauz Khaz Complex
A monument in South Delhi which serves as a perfect location for a portfolio or fashion photography. Be it a friend or a professional model, make a plan and take them to this place. Hauz Khas has emerged as one of the best places in Delhi for hanging out with your friends because of its famous clubs, cafes, and bars.

2. Humayun’s Tomb
What else could be a better place for Delhi-ites than Humayun’s Tomb which was the inspiration for the magnificent Taj Mahal? The beauty of this world heritage site is an inspiration for a lot of photographers. The tomb and the surrounding gardens are other great places for photographers.

3. Kamla Nehru Bridge
Situated in the prestigious North Campus, the Kamala Nehru Bridge serves as a location for many purposes. It’s a very good place for nature lovers and animal photographers or let’s say photographers who want to change their optical subject for the time being. You can visit the bridge and capture a great variety of birds.

4. Rail Museum
The most historical place of Indian railways containing lots of equipment, old trains, modern trains, and luxurious trains. A cool photogenic place with the machines and irony atmosphere. The best spot for documentary photography, photojournalism, landscape, and conceptual photography. You can board most of the trains where you can click pictures in historical trains.

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