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Delhi, an ancient city now turned into a modern metropolis has amazing places one can visit. From parks to gardens, from eateries to monuments, this city is loaded with places with a romantic touch to it. Be it the younger generation or even Nana- Nani’s, these places are meant for all, after all, Love has no age bars. Some of the most visited Couple spots in Delhi are:

Garden of Five Senses
The Garden of Five Senses is a brilliantly landscaped place that oozes romance from every nook and corner. With its eclectic sculptures and murals, this place is bound to surprise you with its vivacity. This paradise is definitely one of the most romantic places in Delhi. Hop into Magique for a lovely meal after you are done meandering through the greens.

Deer Park, Haus Khaz Village
Deer Park is one of the few places where the mayhem of a metropolis has not filtered through. Peacocks dance here in utter disregard and herds of deer roam freely in stubborn joy. The small lake has become an ecosystem that nurtures spectacular sights and sounds, quite different than what you might be used to in the smog-laden streets of the city. Perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

Parthasarathy Rocks

Enviably the best sunset you are ever to witness in the city of Delhi, the open air auditorium of JNU is a unique place for you love birds to spend your Valentine evening. Just hold each other’s hands and talk about what life and love mean to you.

Dilli Haat
Whether it is the small knick-knacks or the bursts of color everywhere, there is something about Dilli Haat that is extremely endearing. And that is why it is an ideal place to spend a part of Valentine’s day. And if your date loves to shop (she does, doesn’t she?), this is like a little wonderland for her.

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