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"Women nowadays are becoming more and more noticed for there exceptional success in society."

It is always little to talk about famous female characters who have always inspired us. Some of the famous Bollywood celebs we can talk about are:-

The actress born on 18, July 1982 is a great role model for everyone in society. From a small city of Bihar, she has now reached an international level that nobody can beat her in Bollywood. As an actress, model, singer, and philanthropist she has pc2fame and gained the title of ” Miss world pageant of 2000″. She is always known for her sweet attitude, perfect dressing style, good moral values and one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood.

Recently, she was seen in ” JAI GANGAJAL”, A ‘Prakash Jha’ film where she was starred as strong policewomen who fight for the rights of the people. She has delivered a superlative performance despite the supercharged action.

Lovely ‘Priyanka Chopra’, is seen in an American pc1thriller series created by ‘Joshua Safran’. Similarly, she will be seen in a Hollywood action-comedy film ” BAYWATCH”.

So we can trace the popularity of ‘Priyanka CHOPRA’ from her first Tamil movie, ‘Thamizan’ to a Bollywood debut, ‘Andaaz’ and now to Hollywood debut, ‘Baywatch’. Summing up with the reasons people view “Priyanka Chopra” as a role model is:-

She is not an average girl who could be satisfied with the title of ‘MISS INDIA’. She didn’t stop at being one of the most versatile and successful people. “PRIYANKA CHOPRA”, a name which is now globally known…!!

One of the highest paid actress and the nation’s popular and attractive personality is in front of us. As a teenager, she was a badminton player but left her sports to become a fashion model. Soon she got an offer from movies and then her list of achievement is countless… She is now a role model for all of us:-


From a model to a renowned actress she always chose the room of improvement. She has always been passionate for her work, be it her sports, modeling or acting. Her passion is the only key which has made her so successful.


She has always balanced between modern and traditional wear. She looked stunning wearing a saree in ‘CHENNAI EXPRESS’ and modern dresses in ‘COCKTAIL’. The best part of her is that she molds herself so beautifully in every role that her acting looks so natural. It will always be less while talking about her achievements and reasons for her to be a role model..!!
She has been a role model not only for us but also for her co-actors.md1She is a great personality who has managed to take care of her family and give them the right values. As a mother, she has provided everything to her children. Even she had left her career just to take care of her family. This shows her love for her family. Now she came back to the industry to continue with his work this even shows her respect towards her work. she is always known for her dance.

She is a role model for all the dancers, actors and is a soft-hearted person who will always be remembered for her great movies, achievements, and values…!!

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