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West died peacefully in Los Angeles after a “short but brave battle” with Leukemia. His family recalled: “Our dad always saw himself as the Bright Knight and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans’ lives. He was and always will be our hero.”

The part of Batman was a signature role, for West, who played Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, the crime-fighting, costumed Batman, a popular comics character who came to life on the ABC-TV series. The show, with a catchy – some might say aggravating – theme song, earned a cult following.

The series which lasted from 1966 to 1968, made West internationally famous! Later in life, West made appearances on the animated series “Family Guy” as Mayor Adam West, the oddball leader of Quahog, Rhode Island.

In the remembrance of the 1960s hero, let’s look back at some interesting facts that you might have missed out on Adam West.

Adam West was born as Williams West Anderson, he changed his name to Adam early in his career (1959) Close friends still call him Bill. An avid comic book collector since he was ten, he was a huge fan of Batman comics as a young boy and always loved the character (how amazing is that…getting to play the character you have grown up adoring!)

Before he became a successful actor, he worked as an island tour guide in Hawaii (damn interesting profession, eh?)

Adam’s movie debut was in Voodoo Island (1957) where he played the weather station operator.

He overcame alcoholism in the 1970s. His mother was also an alcoholic (Well…that is a tough job!)

He suffered from depression, like his mother. It ran in his family (never felt by his fans though…)

Adam has 14 hobbies: fishing, sailing, hiking, skiing, listening to classic rock music, spending time with family, swimming, surfing, dancing, golfing, traveling, riding motorcycles, reading and swimming. (FOURTEEN…??)

Describing his Batman wardrobe: “The tights were itchy, and it was really, really hot. Believe me, it was 180 degrees under that cowl.” (LOL! that was indeed a fact to know 😀 )

After the Batman series ended, Adam was offered the role of James Bond in Diamonds are Forever (1971). But Adam felt Bond should be played by a British actor and ruled himself out of the running (respect his sincerity…)

One of his most prized possessions is a drawing of Batman by the comic’s creator Bob Kane with the inscription “To my buddy Adam, who breathed life into my pen and creation.” (That is so cute :’) )

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