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The millennial world thrives on three accounts – you have a creative idea, you have a camera and you have a social media account which instantly makes you a sensation overnight. YouTube has emerged as a clear winner with its extremely engaging visual content, you name the type of material you want, you get it. From education to entertainment and from fashion to food, you have it all.

YouTube has become that platform, where everyone wants to be seen and be in limelight. Women are giving a tough competition to everybody through their interesting and creative content that has helped them to achieve millions of followers and viewers.

Here are 5 Indian Women YouTuber’s that are ruling the platform and are definitely worth a watch:

1. Nisha Madhulika

Former food blogger Nisha Madhulika started her YouTube journey because of her numerous fans requests, who wanted to see her cooking scrumptious food live and now this kitchen queen is also the queen of YouTube with more than 1,100 recipes on her YouTube channel.

2. Scherezade Shroff

Scherezade Shroff aka Sherry is making your daily dress up trouble and fashion woes easier with her YouTube channel. From makeup tips to hairstyles, from fashion hauls to her coupling videos with her husband, it is a treat to watch her. Her bubbly and eccentric style makes her videos the most desirable.

3. Malishka

Mumbai’s favorite RJ is now on YouTube in her classic sassy style and she is ruling it. Celebrity interviews have never been more fun and if you are a scrounger for B-town then this is the perfect stop. Malishka’s YouTube Channel

4. Shraddha Sharma

Hailing from a small town like Dehradun, Shraddha has made her name on YouTube with her scintillating musical videos. She hails from a family of singers and is definitely making them so proud of her amazing venture. Shraddha’s Youtube Channel

5. Shruti Arjun Anand

A quite popular and recent name amongst fashion vlogger, Shruti has established a huge fan base with her extremely simple tricks and tips for makeup, skincare, and hairstyles which have to lead to her huge number of followers. Shruti’s Youtube Channel

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