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In the start of a relationship, everything seems nice, love is in the air and you understand each other's problem. However, with time there are few clashes of thoughts and opinion with your partner. Things change with time and so does your thoughts while you are in a relationship. But that doesn't mean that love is not there. According to experts if you fight in a relationship and there are few clashes, love has reached new heights.
Here are 5 reason why fighting in a relationship is good.
1) If you are not having conflict in a relationship, then things remain the same as they are and you might live with grudges. However, if you talk about certain things then you get to know each other more.
2) If you are arguing you become more practical about certain things and it helps you in building the relationship because you are doing things which are right. Arguing with your partner shows that you have reached a state where love and anger can exist simultaneously.
3) Couples who don't fight and don't express their opinions might feel low and sometimes it might lead to depression if you are not expressing your feelings. Expressing yourself with your partner will make you feel good and will make things better.
4) There are times in a relationship when you want to leave things as they are but doing so is not good because you are not solving the issues or talking about it. With a healthy argument, you can solve things easily.
5) If you fight, you tend to be more affectionate towards to your partner as you know more about your partner because of the past fights you had. It helps you in building mutual understanding and increasing patience.
Fighting or arguing with your partner shows that you are open for discussions and opinions in a relationship. You just need to take care that the argument doesn't happen on a regular basis because no one likes getting into an argument every single day.
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