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If you are into drama and entertainment you might have bumped into love triangle stories where one woman would blame another for her boyfriend cheating on her and vice versa. However, this blame should immediately come to an end. I’m not saying that being betrayed by a friend doesn’t suck, but it’s your boyfriend/husband/child’s father who truly disrespected you, had he been honest and loyal to you this all mess up hadn't had happened at the first place.

He's the one you are in a relationship with
Yes, it’s a violation of the girl code, and if the other woman was someone you considered a friend, it really hurts. However, your S.O. is the one who’s truly supposed to have your back. You’re supposed to be partners in every sense of the word, so the fact that he found it so easy to step out on you is absolutely inexcusable.

It is a violation of your trust
If you can’t trust your partner, why are you even in a relationship? You should be able to trust that whether you’re together or not, he’s going to respect you and your relationship enough not to violate your bond by flirting, making out with, or having sex with another woman. How can you ever come back from a betrayal like that?

If he's that weak, is he really worth being a good partner
Blaming another woman for luring your partner into cheating is literally the most insane thing I have ever heard. Do you honestly believe your S.O. is that weak that he couldn’t have resisted someone coming onto him? If that’s the case, how is he ever going to be strong enough to weather any real problems with you down the line? Get a grip—he’s a loser.

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Source - Bolde
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