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Singapore is one of the most expensive places to make a visit despite the fact that a trip to Singapore will not only change your views about architect but will also about traveling to an unknown land and exploring its offering.

However, Singapore can elicit sticker shock, and turn people away if they’re trying to explore the place on limited bucks. If you still want to visit this country, though, there are still many ways to travel around Singapore on a budget. You can indulge in these free and cheap things when in Singapore. Here’s a list of my favorite cheap and free things to do in Singapore.

Little India Invites You To Try Cheap Food
If you wish to feat on Indian flours then you must head to the area of Little India, where great Indian meals cost as little as 5 SGD. Make sure you find the places where you can eat with your hands. They’re the most authentic and local places.

Walk around the gardens
The Botanic Gardens are free and are a nice place to walk around—especially in the mornings and evenings when Singapore’s tropical weather cools down a little. Early in the morning, locals practice t’ai chi on the lawn, and there are often free concerts on weekends.

Hit the Beach
No one is stopping you when you are at the beach soaking under the sun enjoying the heavingly feeling of sand underneath your feet. There are actually 3 beaches to choose from in Singapore where you can relax. Siloso beach is where you’ll want to go for activities, Tanjong beach is a great spot to chill and enjoy a drink, and Palawan beach is where you’ll go if you’re traveling with kids.

Escape the City
The MacRitchie Trails stretches to a distance of 11km of pathways around the largest reservoir in the country. It’s a place where the locals head for a run or a hike, and it’s a great place to get out and stretch your legs if you need to escape the city.

Take a day trip to Chek Jawa
The wetland nature reserve located a short ferry ride away from the city. There’s a winding boardwalk you can explore as well as a large viewing tower you can climb to take in the panorama. Bicycles are available for rent outside the park as well, in case you don’t want to hike.

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