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You cannot judge a child with his activities in childhood, however, few things should be taught which will help them in future. These things depend on parenting as well as the people whom they are spending most of the time. Teaching them hard skills is important like making them learn maths, science and other subjects but at the same time, teaching them soft skills is also very important as it will help them become a better person in future.
Here are 7 things which should be taught in childhood.
1) Parents should teach their children that participating in a competition is more important than winning it. Teach them to give their best and accept the result whether they win or lose.
2) Make them understand that questioning is not bad because if they won't ask about any query they are having in mind, they will live with it and never know the answer to it.
3) Children should be taught this essential thing like respecting and being kind to people. They should be taught how to understand situations and then react to it in a respectful manner.
4) There are times when children react very fastly in childhood however they should be taught to empathize with other's situation.
5) Most of the children speak a lot and they are not good at soft skills like listening. They should learn to listen because listening to others will make them learn new things everytime they meet a new person.
6) They should be taught how to communicate with someone. They should not use postures which show that they are nervous. Children should be taught to be confident while communicating with others to make them understand what they want to say.
7) Using the internet to gain some information and for entertainment is fine, however using the internet most of the time and building your thoughts according to the content which is on the internet is not good.
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Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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