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Valentine's Day is all about cakes, love, parties, romance, and gifts. But wait. What if you receive the worst gift this Valentine's day? Heart-crushing right? Well, some people have witnessed it and in this article, we reveal all those worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever received. All these responses are real and were submitted by Plenty of Fish users in the US via a Valentine’s Day survey conducted just last week.

So get ready to be surprised. But before that a friendly disclaimer. Don't consider gifting any of these gifts to your loved ones if you don't want them to see pissed.

A bag of chips
Not gonna lie, but I wouldn,t mind receiving a packet of chips as they are my favorite snack in the whole world and I prefer a savory treat over chocolate any day. But not everyone is as simply amused by chips. This falls closely with the donut if you know their fave treat are chips, maybe instead of picking up their favorite bag, get a variety pack of their all-time faves.

A keychain
So you don’t lose your keys of course…this is the type of gift I’ve only ever bought last minute for a sibling at a tacky shop. Not recommended for V-day.

A blender
For the smoothie enthusiast in all of us! Honestly, if you are a juicer, I think you’d probably enjoy this gift, but again it’s just not the sexiest gift to give on Feb 14th.

A huge stuffed alien doll
Perhaps this was an inside joke that didn’t land? Maybe next time replace the alien with a teddy bear – just a thought because aliens are creepy.



Yikes, I do however think forgetting Valentine’s Day is more common that we may think and quite a few people don’t actually celebrate the holiday. But, be sure you know where your partner or date stands on the subject to stop the “you forgot Valentine’s Day?” fight before it begins.

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