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Let's agree on the fact that we don't usually get time to hang out with friends as regularly as we used to during college days. And even if we take out time to hang out, all we share is gossips about work. Time spent with friends should feel like our plate refilled with a heaping scoop of soul food. And if it doesn't give you those vibes. Then you must do something about it.

If you’ve felt the same way after spending time with your best friends or family, consider trying one of these ways to make the time you have together a joyous experience:

Ask more "Why" questions
This helps get to the heart of what’s really going on in a situation. If you think about the surface level conversation as WHAT, then the deep and meaningful connection is the WHY. So if they tell you they broke up with someone, don’t ask what happened. Ask why they think it got to that, what were they feeling? If they’re frustrated about something at work, ask why they think they’re feeling that way about the situation.

Laugh out loud
One of the most powerful feelings is laughter and when you have a friend by your side to laugh at your lame jokes, what could be better than this. Consider what it would take to find the person across from you funny, to giggle at their curiosities and little jokes. It will make the entire interaction feel more fun. And fun is a crucial building block in connection.

Share something personal
Whether it’s insecurity. Or a fear. Or something that has been freaking you out lately. If you can, do share your secrets and worries with friends. Maybe your friend would have an idea to tackle what has been freaking you out. Oftentimes, to get to meaningful conversation and connection, we simply need to go there– away from the shallow stuff and into the dark and murky waters of the deep.

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Source - Carlytheprepster
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