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The prestigious Hollywood Award show Oscars, also known as The Academy Awards is set to take place on 24th February 2019. The media, fans and the Hollywood fraternity are excited for the mega night of the year.
However, there is something unusual and unconventional that will take place in this year’s glamorous night. Also, this year marks the 91st Academy Awards Show.
The organizers announced that this year’s show will go without a host. The Academy had initially decided upon a host, Kevin Hart. However, some of his old homophobic tweets surfaced on the internet, as a result of which the host-ship had to be taken away from him.
Therefore, this year’s pattern revolves around that the award presenters will also be hosting the show, so there is no one fixed host for the night.
This seemingly unusual situation did not settle well in the Twitterati fans, and some of them showed their disappointment in the following ways:
“This thing we’re doing with the Oscars now, with no host, let’s start doing that with the president” tweeted Swivelore & Spice.
“No host for the Oscars. Ellen where are u?” wrote F**K LOVE project for Seth
“Is there still no host for the Oscars? If I could, I’d host the Oscars lol @TheAcademy” tweeted Fatima Mederos.
“In recent times the host at Oscars makes crass and unfunny jokes. So it's a good thing this year there's no host. But now not many are interested to watch the Oscars.” wrote Anjoosharon.
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