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Who doesn't want to be close to children? It is one of the purest feelings one can feel. It not only can enhance parent-child feeling for each other but also better help children develop all aspects of their abilities. If parents can find the right time to get close to the child, it will have a multiplier effect. So in the article, we will spill beans and will go through the best time to get close to your child.

Before he opens his eyes in the morning

The emotional state of the morning can almost determine the mood of the whole day, and let the child have a pleasant morning, which is a very meaningful thing for parents to do for their children. Open the curtains in advance, let the natural light into the room, put on the pleasant light music, and wake up the child with a soft voice. When the child wakes up, the voice "Good morning!" Ask "Are you sleeping well?" Give the child a warm hug and kiss. In just a few minutes, you can make a spark of love between your parents and children.

When you return home

Whether you are an adult or a child, it takes a while to relax and adjust when you get home. At this time, you can set up a “welcome ceremony”. Parents hold out their hands at the door and wait to hug the children, prepare small snacks, and let the children feel the home for the first time. The love and warmth, the grievances or negative emotions that are received outside will shrink. If the parents only care about their own affairs, the children go home and do not care, even criticism and urging, then the child will feel that the family is "cold and serious", and over time is not conducive to family harmony.

Before the child falls asleep

Before going to sleep, it is the best time for parents to chat and talk with their children. You can set a special time before going to bed, tell your child that Mom and Dad will put down their mobile phones at this time, and concentrate on accompanying them. They will not lose their temper and be angry and will resolve the contradictions during the day.
When there is a contradiction

In life, conflicts between parents and children occur. In fact, everything has two sides. On the one hand, the contradiction is a crisis, but it may also be a prerequisite for intimately upgrading each other's relationships. As a parent, you can take this opportunity to share what you feel about your soulmate with your child. Let them know that their parents are ordinary people, they will make mistakes. They will not control their emotions and say something that hurts them or make irrational behaviors, and resolve the contradictions in time. At the same time, honestly, say the inner emotional needs and look back at the happy things together.

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Source - Baby Sina
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