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This is the scene captured by a photographer after Yang Liping's performance, a famous Chinese dancer best known for her "peacock dance".

At her age, she continues to do what she loves and is best at, dancing on stage in magnificent ways as if it was all a dream. Nothing could be more beautiful.

Despite her worldwide success and fame, Yang Liping never stops working hard and is never satisfied. She strives to always become a better version of herself, even when she’s alone in the dark at 4:00 AM in her practice room.

Of course, her success was not achieved without a few bumps along the way. The reality is that beauty isn’t enough to thrive in this world and business; those who show determination and self-discipline will be rewarded.

As a Yunnan native, Yang Liping has her own sun palace and moon palace on Yuji island in Dali Shuanglang.

The moon palace stands quietly beside the Erhai lake. Yang Liping spends most of her time doing yoga and meditates in the glass corridor that looks over the Erhai lake to absorb the aura of heaven and earth and purify her soul. Look at this gorgeous natural view.

Aesthetics do not end here, there are flowers and pots in her yard, and self-dyed cloth and books in the house, showing her curiosity and interest in all living things in her vicinity.

She surrounds herself with nature, which she uses as her own source of inspiration to turn ideas into art.

Can you believe that this woman is over 60 years old?? She once said: “Some people’s life purpose is to procreate and some are to experience everything, while others only wish to look on. I’m just a bystander. In my next life, I am to see how a tree grows, how the river flows and how clouds drift.”

Through her own self-discipline and mellow outlook on life, Yang Liping has managed to stay true to herself and age beautifully. Despite being 61 years old, Yang remains full of energy and spirit as if she was only 21.

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Source - GuideinChina
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