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Watches are a style statement for men and who doesn't want to own a watch wardrobe for all those occasions be it a party or formal meeting. What is around your wrists speaks volumes about your personality and adds to your dressing in multiple ways.

A sports-led chronograph on a steel bracelet may fit the boardroom, but it’s by no means classic enough for a wedding. Which means unless you’re fine wearing the same outfit everywhere, you need multiple options.

Ground Rules When Buying A Watch
Here are some ground rules to watch-clothing styling. First, leathers and metals should match. If you’re wearing brown shoes, or carrying a chocolate folio, you need to switch that black crocodile skin. And if you’re wearing any gold jewelry don’t wear a silver bracelet.

Beyond that, it’s about matching aesthetic to the environment. As a rule of thumb, the more practical your watch, the less formal the occasion you wear it for.

How to Start your Own Watch Wardrobe
Building a watch wardrobe, then, means covering bases. Some say that every man needs three watches: one for the office, one for the weekend and something plain-faced for formal dinners that tells nothing other than the time and how refined your taste is. So, although the trio stands, it needs updating.

To begin with go for a classic dress watch, before moving onto something sporty that would be a good weekend outing and a last a statement piece for special occasions. It’s ok to go fancy here.

The first watch - Simple one
Your first watch, then, should be something adaptable. There’s no point dropping your hard-earned on a dress watch if you live in streetwear, or a model with more dials than a call center when you work in pensions in the city. Your watch sets a benchmark you’re unlikely to dip below, so be sensible and look to upgrade later.

The Second Watch: The Sporty One
Next comes something with more personality. Sports watches are inevitably less formal than dress watches – they tend to feature additional complications such as chronographs or diving bezels which add to their complexity and make them more appropriate for laid back attire.

The Third Watch: The Statement One
Finally, your statement watch. Perhaps counter-intuitively, there’s an argument to be made that less wear means you should spend more. You get the pleasure of breaking out something special and run less risk of it getting battered. But statement needn’t mean over-the-top. We’re not talking about gaudy colors and oversized dials here – statements can be classy too, and expensive.

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Source - Fashionbeans
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