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Harley-Davidson at X-Games in Aspen, Colorado unvield its latest creations that complement its previously announced Livewire electric motorcycle. The new lightweight electric motorcycle and the electric bike bring a new generation of styling to the brand. The two new prototypes were revealed to the world at the Winter X-Games in Aspen, which shows just how exciting and revolutionary the brand sees its two newest family members.
Harley-Davidson designed these two new concepts at sizes that would not require a motorcycle license. That move also opens up their vehicles to an entirely new class of riders that previously would not have been able to ride a Harley due to age and licensing limitations.

Also, electric powertrains bring an entirely new level of ease of use, with no need to start the engine, shift gears, or engage a clutch. That ease allows this new class of rider to simply turn the throttle and go for it.

These two new electric prototypes from Harley Davidson are the embodiment of not just what it looks like when a brand embraces newer, superior technologies, but when it sees the new technologies as opportunities to further enhance its brand and add value to the customers.

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Source - Cleantechnica
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