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I have penned the missed opportunities, got my to-do list updated and almost accomplished goals from the previous year. And now it's time to focus my goal-oriented attention on the future. I have asked myself what I want to accomplish this year and how I will do it.

Most of us take the New Year as a reflection point, a taking of an account, so to speak. I invite you to do the same. Ask yourself: What do I want to accomplish this year? How will I do it?

Here are four steps I am taking to accomplish my goals and you can too.

Dream big
Our doubts can stop us even before we start, so start there. Identify your barriers: What do you think will stop you? What scared you the most in the year passed?

Your inner critic quietly whispers my faults, my previous rejections, all the reasons I am not ready. We all have this inner critic. It’s how we choose to respond to it that matters.

This year, I shouted back at my inner critic: I am ready to try. I have practiced and improved my presentation skills. Observing experienced and talented presenters has helped me to fine tune my skill set. Feedback from regional and state presentations have helped me to smooth my idiosyncrasies and modify my style.

What about you? Are you ready to push back against your doubts and dream big?

Plan the journey
Dreaming may be the first step, but you need to take many more steps to get there. A precise plan of do's and don'ts to be specific. Lists are motivators. Their orderliness keeps you on target. Breaking down a larger goal into small actionable items rewards you with the ability to cross off my progress and encourages you to maintain the forward momentum.

Be flexible
Don’t let the plan you have carefully detailed get in the way of actually reaching your goals. A change in the timeline or new opportunities can bring you closer to success—if you maintain a goal-oriented perspective.

When faced with potential opportunities and distractions, carefully consider how these affect your path and how can you tackle the same and emerge as a winner.

Learn from the missteps
Sometimes, we get it wrong. Sometimes, we fail despite doing everything correctly. Learn and persevere. I have submitted proposals that have been rejected. I have found that picking myself up, understanding provided feedback, and refocusing on the next submission keeps me from wallowing in discouragement.

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