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If you own a business, you just can’t ignore YouTube when it comes to promoting the same across boundaries as it is one way to attract genuine leads. YouTube on a daily basis entertains over 1.9 billion monthly users and over 30 million daily users. These numbers speak for themselves, and what platform is capable of. It is a fact that a number of organizations and start-ups promote their business on YouTube, but they are all paid.

But what if I tell you that you can attract leads without paying to youtube? Yes, it is possible and here are 10 types of YouTube videos you can use to promote your business.


These have a great impact but you need to be careful. Stay away from just having a talking head in the video. It’s best if you can show a customer using your product while they talk about it.

Store Tours

These are made better when you can get the owner to provide helpful tips along the way about the goods and services. The added personal touch builds engagement.


Everyone likes customer reviews. They are a lot like the client testimonial versions but you need to make them more realistic. Get opinions on the street to make them even more authentic.


You need to understand the problem you’re solving for the prospect here. Using a “day in the life” series of demos gets them to relate.

Unboxing Videos

These are one of the latest ways to engage your audience. People love to watch someone else unwrap something new and these are a great vehicle for influencer marketing.

How To’s

It’s important to be specific with these ones so you’ll attract the right target market to your video. For example, “How To Use This Screwdriver” won’t be as effective as “ “How To Use This Screwdriver On Drywall.”

Behind The Scenes Videos

These really foster engagement. People love when they get to peek behind the curtain and see what goes on when folks are relaxed in a work setting. These are great for personalizing your business and giving it a face.


These are generally high value and they don’t cost a lot. Creating a slide show to add to the mix is a good idea. You can go live with one of these on YouTube so you’ll need energetic presenters.

Educational Videos

These are popular for small business owners that want to stress their expertise. If you can fill a room of interested people, these are even more popular and credible when you present from the front.

Comparison Videos

You might be tempted to get long winded here but don’t. The small business videos that get the best responses are three minutes or under.

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Source - Smallbiztrends
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