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We men generally care less about our skin care than women. We don’t use as many products, but we do want to keep our skin healthy right? And there are a lot of question men have in their minds regarding the best Skin Care Routine for healthy skin. What do I do to keep my skin clean and healthy? What male skin care products should I use? etc etc.

So to debunk the myths about men skin care and give them some genuine advice we are here with this article that would make sure men do not feel left out when it comes to skin care.

1. Cleansing
The first step, to begin with, is washing your face in the morning to remove dirt and oils that harm your skin but don’t use bar soap on your face. You must always use a mild face wash especially the one with herbal ingredients.

Now there are these very big brands that say that their product is completely natural and Ayurvedic but mostly those products just contain Ayurvedic ingredients the entire product is not Ayurvedic. Our honest skincare recommendation is khadi(Indian Brand).

Acne starts from the pore so we have to reach into the pores in order to fight acne, and the best way to do is scrubbing at least 1-2 times a week after cleansing your face.

Depending on your skin type, guys with oily-type skin should exfoliate more often, while men with dry skin should do it less often. Exfoliation removes dead skin cell and promotes new cells buildup. Make sure you scrub gently or it can irritate the skin.

3. Moisturize
Moisturizing is the best thing you can do to your dehydrated skin.In order for your moisturizer to work efficiently, it needs to be able to penetrate your skin, so it’s important that you wash your face once or twice per day.

Throughout the day your body’s natural oils, dead skin cells, pollutants, and other environmental toxins build up on your skin. And applying a moisturizer on top of these layers will diminish the effectiveness and can lead to clogged pores.

Thus, if you have a Dry skin – use a moisturizer that is oil based and if you have an Oily skin – either use a moisturizer that is oil free or just use a serum.

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