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Do you know in a survey of 8,000 women, they were shown different pictures of guys with different levels of facial hair and different beard style? Now what they found was that different beard style had a different appeal. Short stubble was always deemed the most attractive while full beards were appealing to women looking for a long-term relationship.

Today I’m gonna show you the top 4 different Beard style which you should probably try at least once this year that women will simply love.

1. The Stubble
Almost any guy can Rock the stubble, and it’s even better for guys that have a patchy beard or can’t grow a full beard. As keeping it nice and low can actually make it look like you have more hair or make it look a little bit fuller and reduce those obvious patches.

This is exactly why that out of every beard style time and time again women found this one to be the most attractive and out of the 8,000 women surveyed most of them think that guys with stubble were more so better.

2. The Medium Beard
This is perfect for the guy that wants to feel that full-size lumberjack beard. Now here’s the crazy part out of the 8,000 women surveyed they said that guys with full beards were more appealing for full long-term relationships since full beards are found to signal status, age, and dominance.

So to get this hairstyle don’t think you’re gonna get rid of your razors just yet because a key aspect of the study is that there’s a clear difference in your beard between looking like a bum and looking super attractive. Always use a razor on your cheeks, your neck area and line up your beard.

3. The Full-on Beard
Full beards are very interesting as different studies prove that Full beard is pretty much equivalent to masculinity. In other words for some reason the longer the beard the more masculine a woman perceives you which makes sense because you need to be jacked up on testosterone to be able to grow something as majestic as this.

Out of all the beards, these rated the highest for social maturity and also for parenting ability.

4. The Faded Beard
Probably the most modern and youthful way to rock a beard and 2019. Since it’s currently a trend, this one’s actually pretty interesting. If you have a skin faint basically it's a gradient way to flow from your beard to the top of your hair and it looks pretty attractive if groomed well.

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Source - DanceHippo
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