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Dandruff! There is a 50% chance that you will suffer from it at some point in your life, and if you are reading this you are most probably suffering from it. But don’t worry because we have got you covered with 6 tips that will help you get rid of dandruff naturally.

1. Shampoo less
Every time you shampoo you’re stripping away the natural oils of your scalp. If you shampoo every day then you’re constantly just stripping these oils away which in long-run can damage your scalp resulting in hair fall.

And dry scalp which is one of the factors that lead to dandruff, you can wash your hair with water every day and condition it as well but the only shampoo every 2 to 3 days a week.

If you’ve been shampooing every day and then all of a sudden you do it less and you might find yourself with greasy hair for a week or two but don’t worry it’s gonna go away and that’s because your body needs to realize that it doesn’t need to replenish these oils as such fast rate anymore wait it out and not only will your hair be healthier but also you’re gonna get fewer flakes later on.

2. Use of Hair Products
A lot of men suffer from dandruff because of excess hair product usage. When you’re applying your hair product like wax, gels, clays, serums, creams, and others just make sure that the hair product doesn’t come in contact with your scalp it’s supposed to be applied to the body of your hair and if you apply it to your scalp that increases your dandruff problem.

3. Take care of your Environment
You’ve gotta care about your environment because at the end of the day dandruff is an infection. Ensure that you get your pillowcases cleaned every once in a while. Also, dip off your pillows dip in an antiseptic solution or an antiseptic soap mixed with water and then leave it in that solution for at least 12 hours that’s how you get rid of dandruff.

Clean your combs and brushes that you regularly use on your hair. Clean all kinds of headgear you use like caps hats helmets. Anything that comes in contact with your scalp. Wash it.

4. Understand home remedies

Without getting into the details much you’ve gotta remember that your skin is slightly acidic if your skin is acidic that’s a good thing because it kills all the harmful bacteria and infections on your skin its kind of like a protective layer.

Now what you’ve got to remember is that people who suffer from dandruff the pH of their scalp is slightly off it may not be as acidic as it should be and that’s where the science of home remedies comes in any kind of natural product that slightly acidic will help you cure your dandruff so think of home remedies like curd or lemon .

5. Use a Scalp Brush
Well, the idea behind this brush is, you want to use it when you apply any product to your hair to ensure that the product gets deep in the scalp. This could also help remove stubborn dandruff that might be stuck in your hair and the best part is is that it actually massages and exfoliates your scalp preventing any future dandruff buildup.

6. Organic dandruff shampoos
If you’re suffering from dandruff you must use an anti-dandruff shampoo at least once a week but most anti-dandruff shampoos contain sulfates parables and other very harmful chemicals that will spoil the quality of your hair in the long term.

Here I will give you a personal recommendation – use cider shampoo.It’s a product that I’ve been using recently and it does help to set the pH of your scalp right and cure your dandruff in the long term it also maintain the quality of your hair.

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