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“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years,” says IBM Consumer Products Industry Blog. This data ranges from the selfies you take to the billion-dollar orders of businessmen. We create about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and surprisingly, store less than 1% of that. Ever wondered what happens to the rest of data – your selfies, pictures with your family, official documents etc? Is it even protected? If yes, then by whom? Who is responsible for your privacy and data protection?

What does ‘Privacy’ here refer to?
Times have changed. Unlike old times where ‘privacy’ used to be a physical representation of the word itself, it’s much more virtual now. ‘Privacy’ is now not limited to just our bedrooms. It is a much wider concept than that. People are not aware of where and how their data is being used. And this tradition of data mining and using it for 'n' number of reasons still continues even after stringent laws clustered to protect your personal data.

For example-We fill in every detail when we set-up our new phones. These days, your smartphone manufacturer might know more about you than your spouse! They know everything about you- your email id, phone number, financial details, fingerprints and even how long your nose is (thanks to the facial recognition system). How creepy is that?

“Okay, that creeps me out. But what to do?”
Glad you asked. With machine learning growing to its full potential, companies are focused on building unique experiences for each of their customers. That’s what Google is doing with Android P. It will learn and adapt to the way you like using your smartphone. A unique experience for each individual and in return, they will ask you to let them access your personal information as they had always done.

The thing is if you want services to be built for you, you’ll have to provide your information to the required organization. But do not at the expense of your privacy.

So you give your data to organizations. What’s wrong with that? – You never know where your data could be used. That’s a straight violation of our fundamental rights. Here’s why we there’s a need for data protection-

The need for data protection
The rate at which data is increasing, it is also becoming more and more valuable. Yes, your ugly selfie is valuable! Now please don’t go out selling it for five bucks. The data is used by organizations to read the market. To see the behavior of their target audience and then to grow their business. See how organizations are making millions from your careless and ignorant processing of personal data.

Jokes apart, data protection is about the fundamental rights of a person. To ensure that your rights and freedom aren’t being violated. Unauthorized sharing of personal data and incorrect processing of it can even make you lose your job. As if that wasn’t enough, without personal data protection it is possible to extract all the money from your bank account. Even worse,

Personal data leak can also cause significant damage to a company’s reputation. Data protection is also required so that personal data cannot be sold freely. This ensures a fair and friendly provision of services to the consumers.

My Privacy and Data Protection – Who is responsible for them?
There is no pin-point answer to this question. We are responsible for what we share and the organizations are equally responsible for ensuring the user data is safe. Although, it can be said that we need to be more aware of the information we share. And with whom we share that information.

Plus, if you think that the whole responsibility of data protection lies with IT, you might be wrong. IT is responsible for data security. For our bad luck, data security and data protection are two different things.

To summarize, everyone is responsible for their privacy and data protection. Talking about an organization, the employees should know that they are responsible to keep your business and its customer data safe.

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Source - The Technilicious
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