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We all have been asked to take to care of a baby at some point in time, and one who has held a baby for even a minute would know that it is a difficult job. Parenting is a demanding profession, you need to be very careful with the child, or he will just head for places he shouldn't be heading to; and would finally sit and cry for hours.

With that being said, it is very obvious that looking after a baby needs patience, dire attention and of course, time. And artist Stale Gerhardsen from Norway decides to dedicate all to raise his child. He also shared his experience through hilarious illustrations about it. He posted them on his Instagram and people loved it so much that he decided to compile them into a book.

Here are his beautiful illustrations from his parenting experience that would make you laugh and go awww simultaneously.

You need good reflexes as a father.

Nothing is more important than getting the baby all dried up after a bath.

Having a strength of a mule would help a lot.
Get more relaxed, more down-to-earth, more "whatever happens is fine" inside when dealing with the little soul.

You should not mind him messing up with most of the things in the vicinity, maybe he is just learning.

Have the willingness to dance at any time.

Cleaning the mess the baby creates while you try to feed him is one of the toughest jobs.

Get frequent naps, but don't just doze off, unaware of what the child is up to.

You have to know the right time to surrender.

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