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Each one of us has secrets that we don't want to reveal to the crowd maybe because we think its just weird to tell someone why we spend so much time in the shower; and secondly why would even someone bother having knowledge about the same? But less we know that not revealing secrets do cause confusion and we are here to debunk the same.

Recently, someone on Reddit posted a question asking "What Are Some 'Guy Secrets' Girls Don't Know About?" The question received poitive response and got hilarious and entertaining with every comment. The post is more like a diary of a man each one of us has excess to. It already has garnered more than 81k upvotes, and we will have a look at some of the best and relatable secrets men have to share. Scroll down to check out the entries.

Several guys are just tired of guessing what his partner actually needs when she says something like 'I am cold'. Well, that is a cliched dialogue, one that most of the romantic movies would have, but yet; you need to be specific about what you need, why are you angry, or why are you happy because guessing-game isn't always fun.

All you need to do is understand us at times.

All of us seek special treatment at some point in life, years, months and/or even days. There is nothing girly about it.

Yea sure, we guys need to be reminded that we matter and why.

I had this on my head and here it is. This achievement is priceless xd.

One thing that every girl need to know.

Heard of that exotic bubble bath? We need the same at times; to get rid of woes upsetting our mind. And what's better than a long hot shower?

Your hair is just perfect. Can I play with it?

And that's when a warm hug would do wonders. Bliss.

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