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When traveling around the world, you have to be careful! Each nation has its own unique set of laws that visitors may not be aware of. It's always important to read about the laws and cultural norms of a country before you visit.

Check out these 7 things that could potentially get you arrested or killed in different places!

#1: Transporting Drugs, various countries
In 2009, a British man was executed in China after being suspected of smuggling heroin. The facts of this case are unclear despite the crystal-clear sentence by Chinese authorities. However, there are two things in this world you can be certain of: don’t carry illegal substances across borders and the stupidest thing is to do so in Asia.

#2: Trespassing in Texas
If you want to make a career of being a burglar or Peeping Tom, you may want to steer clear of any number of American states. Half of all states have what’s called 'castle laws', which allow landowners to injure, shoot, even kill those violating their property without any legal restraints.

That’s right: you can shoot trespassers point-blank and not be sued or criminally tried.

#3: Insulting the King of Thailand
The Lese Majeste Law in Thailand demands 3 to 15 years of imprisonment for insulting the King of Thailand. It's never resulted in the death penalty, but to be fair, Thai prisons are worse than death. Royalty is given respect above and beyond anything Westerners can understand.

Dropping a coin, which bears the king’s image, is almost sacrilege; intentionally step on a Baht note, and you could find yourself in prison rather quickly.

#4: Killing a Cow in Nepal and India
This is actually not as black and white as it seems. Some people do in fact eat beef in India and Nepal and do not find themselves in handcuffs within the hour. In India, slaughtering a cow for food or even accidentally hitting it with a car can result in a steep sentence ranging from one year in prison to life behind bars to death.

#5: Not Carrying Your ID in Japan
In the Land of the Rising Sun, all foreign residents are required to carry their “gaijin card” or passport AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions.If you happen to walk past a policeman who feels it’s his sacred duty to protect his country from “dangerous foreigners”, he will most likely inspect your ID.Fail to present this, and you could find yourself behind bars for 23 days with absolutely no contact from the outside world

#6: Eating in Public in the UAE
Islamic law prohibits many activities that are common in the West. Several British citizens have been arrested in Dubai for engaging in drunken premarital sex and given months in prison. This can be avoided easily enough if you’re not traveling with a date or looking for a local hook up.

Just be careful during the holy month of Ramadan, when you can be fined or jailed for eating in public during daylight hours (depending on the country), essentially mocking the prayers of those around you. Even when you’re visiting an Islamic nation that might have open restaurants for visitors, be respectful.

#7: Calling the Police in Korea
The police have the power to throw you behind bars at their discretion, even if you can’t understand what you’re being charged with or how long you’ll be behind bars.
When you’re the foreigner, and you haven’t done anything wrong, just get away if possible!

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