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There is a hotel known as the lowest altitude hotel in the world.
And this week, it finally opened to the public!
Many online users have seen photos of this hotel and thought: “Ahhh if only I could go and experience it myself…”
Which hotel are we speaking of?

It’s the new Sheshan Shimao Deep Pit hotel in Shanghai!
All the other hotels are built above sea level.
But in this hotel, sixteen stories were built 88 meters below sea level.

Isn't that weird?Let's first take a look at the hotel and see what’s happening inside:

The hotel has 18 floors.
Two levels above ground.Sixteen floors below ground level.
Two of them are underwater.The hotel has 336 guest rooms.
It is said that underwater hotel rooms are extremely expensive, but they’re all booked up until 2020!

The lobby of the hotel is on the ground floor, and a water curtain fountain comes towards us.We need to take the fully transparent elevator to the bottom of the pit to see what the guest room looks like.

The aquarium-like design allows guests to experience the novelty of the underwater world.
In addition to the wonderful experience of living 88 meters underground, there are also recreational facilities.

Not only can you go canoeing and rock climbing, but you can also sign up for a helicopter tour of the surrounding area!What’s more, it can fly over to Xiaokunshan, with more routes set to open in the future.

t cost RMB 2 billion and took 12 years to complete the project.5,000 construction workers worked day and night to create 41 patents.

Source: GuideinChina
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