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The traditional way of eating with hands is not something that Indians aren't aware of. Most of the Indians believe that this tradition of setting the cutlery aside is not only linked to culture but has health benefits including prevention of diabetes and improve digestion. But many of us still do not know how and why this tradition came into existence.

Many who believe the custom of eating with hands as uncivilized would ask whether Indians were too poor to afford a spoon? Well, it’s not certainly about the lack of spoons. Indians used spoons for religious rituals every day since ancient times, and many of them looked amazingly attractive. So were Indians unaware of different cultures that prevail across the borders?

Indians were well traveled from ancient times with traders trading goods as far off as Egypt, Rome, and China so they knew how nonIndians used to eat food with spoon and fork. With that being said, it seems like it is a well deliberate decision.

Nevertheless, as we part ways from traditional ways of doing things, eating with cutlery is becoming a common etiquette among Indian households. It is believed to be a more hygienic and organized way of eating. However, most people do not realize the rationale behind eating food by hands.

Vedic Reasons
Eating with hands is an ancient practice that has surpassed the wrath of transformation from a traditional way of doing something to modern. The actions involved in eating have been derived from mudras (hand positions) that are the basis for yoga, meditation, and classical Indian dance. According to the Vedas, the digits on our fingers and toes represent the five elements. It is believed that these five elements work on the food, cleansing it of any negative vibes and preparing it for us to eat.

It is believed that our body homes certain kind of bacteria that protect us from harmful bacteria residing in the outskirts. These bacteria are present in places like our hands, mouth, throat, intestine, gut and the rest of our digestive system. When we eat with our hands, this pattern of bacteria is maintained.

When you eat with your hands your fingers come in contact with your food. The nerves residing inside your fingers sense the temperature of the food and prepare your brain for what you are going to be eating and triggering the release of the appropriate digestive juices and enzymes. This way you will never burn your mouth when you eat with your hands.

It's more hygienic
Factually eating with hands is more hygienic than with spoon or fork. Why? Because we wash our hands multiple times a day while we wash utensils only once or twice. It is exposed to indoor pollution and thus is more prone to catch bacteria.

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