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Have you ever thought about love as one big or unattainable thing? Or maybe you believe the general idea about love without taking time to question the nature of love. Or maybe you have bought into the idea that love is as complicated as Hollywood portrays it. What if I tell you that sometimes, love can be found in the simplest things? All you need to do is keep your eyes and heart open to welcome the unexpected.

“Puuung” a Korean artist has produced some amazing and heart-warming illustrations which bring out simple, but very important, details of how we express love for others in our everyday lives. For more work, by this amazing artist, you can check out his Grafolio website:

Hugging for no particular reason show that you care about little moments in life.
Covering one another up with a blanket.
Falling asleep together. By far the most comfortable moment one can think off.
Cooking together not only gets the work done faster but also allow you to spend quality time with him/her.
Cuddling and watching movies together until late and dozing off while doing the same.
Looking at old photographs together brings old memories back.
Doing nothing together becomes the happiest way to spend your weekend.
Consoling each other when things aren't going right.
Arranging surprises to see that broad smile on their face.
Kissing our partner tenderly on the forehead
Thinking about each other when they are not around.
Helping one another with the simplest of things.
The only place where money was a factor in showing how you love your partner is exchanging gifts. Even then, money doesn’t necessarily have to be spent. That is all to say that love is indeed in the little things.

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Source - PandaGuide
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