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Have you ever been in love? There’s no shame in saying ‘no’ - many people believe they have, when in fact what they thought was love was just a mere feeling of affection or attraction.

When you do feel “in love”, however, you can truly appreciate its power and ability to comfort you, inspire you, despite this cold and cruel world we live in.

And in no way does “love” need to only be thought of as romantic. Love is everywhere. You just need to pay closer attention and keep both your eyes and heart open.

Every child is a little angel sent by God to heal the heart.

A doll was tired to squat on the ground, the little boy saw him immediately come to kiss him embrace him.

A kind citizen bought a pair of shoes for a homeland man who hadn’t asked for anything. Although he remained emotionally strong throughout his rough time on the streets, this simple gesture made him cry of happiness.

Maybe these shoes are nothing to you, but a little warmth and love from the shoes can make him hold up to many tomorrows.

When the baby gradually rolled off the cupboard, the elder brother lunged at him and caught him. Someone is secretly protecting and loving you. You may feel like you are the loneliest person in the world, but that is just a perception you need to get ride off to be happy.

The sky was clear when suddenly, the downpouring rain caught people off guard. When the man saw that the clothes hung by his neighbor downstairs had not been collected, he raised two umbrellas from his window to cover them. No one has a duty to be good to anyone, but kindness has never let us down.

When the plastic bags stopped up the drain on a thunderstorm, one guy waded in and took them away. Heroism is not always about saving the world even small contributions towards the society are enough sometimes.

Branches cut off by the wind are impeding the way forward. A man passing in the rain pulled the branches to the side of the road. A small gesture like this can go a long way to making your city - and its citizens - all the more appreciative and contributing.

A passenger in a wheelchair got on the subway and the wheelchair moved with inertia. A passenger grabbed the wheel and jammed it with his foot.

A girl had just recently broken up with her boyfriend and felt sad. When she ordered food to be delivered to her house, she added a note that said: "Can you draw a tiger for me?" The delivery man delivered.

Three delivery men held the life of a two-year-old girl together.

Two people of different ages, sitting together in front of the door to bask, do not need too many words. the journey of life in one picture. If it starts with a smile and ends the same way, then trust me you were the wealthiest person in the world.

An elderly couple sat opposite each other. The old woman took the meat pie and said, "Eat more, eat more." A rare example of unconditional love.

We hope that these examples can serve as a valuable lesson. A lesson that teaches us how small gestures can genuinely change someone's life if we take the extra time to care for them.

How would you feel if you were in their situation? Wouldn’t you appreciate a helping hand? Sometimes, all you really, truly need… is love and care.

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Source - GuideinChina
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