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India has a large section of Chinese diapora. While they have amalgamated themselves well with the locals, the Chinese people still stay true to their roots. This can be seen particularly around its New Year in Teretti Bazaar, Kolkata. You will witness an unusual thrill in the air as people gets ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year. You can find everything here for the celebration, from small Chinese dolls to bright colored paper patterns.

The Lunar New Year is the biggest festival for the Chinese. Just like we decorate our houses during Diwali, so do the Chinese paint their walls with a fresh coat of red or green. You will find this view if you travel through the lanes of Sun Yat Sen.

Even though most Chinese people in India do not know to read Mandarin or Cantonese or have visited their homeland, they maintain the traditions of welcoming the New Year. Whether it is giving of the Good Luck Papers or putting up pictures of ‘Door Gods’ on the entrance gates, they follow everything in the same pattern as their ancestors. Red cloth is hung over the lintel of the main entrance and red lanterns on the side of the doors as part of the rituals.

Chinese New Year sees people travelling back to their homeland from every part of the world. They have reunion dinners, exchange gifts and visit friends & families as a part of the New Year activities. At midnight, the Gods are received who are thought to bring abundance and wealth to the housesin which they enter. The most important part of this is the Lion Dance, without whicg=h the grandeur is incomplete.

The community is striving to keep in touch with their roots. The few days the festival is rejoiced brings them closer together and to their traditions.

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