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You know how pictures are worth a thousand words?

Well, a netizen named Benjamin Grant wants to turn those words into action by entirely changing the way people look at planet Earth through his own aerial lenses.

Here are some of the images he posted:

Rapeseed fields in China
The mountainous landscape of China's Luoping county and the color and scale of the rapeseed fields are both impressive and eye-gazing.

Lisser, Netherlands
Blooming tulip fields, these bright flowers peak every April.

Willie Creek, Western Australia
This tidal estuary has nutrient-rich waters, making it an ideal habitat for oysters that produce the world's most famous pearls.

Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
The largest tropical wilderness east of the Mississippi River in the United States is home to protected animals such as the American alligator and the West Indian manatee.

North of England, "the goddess of the north."
A giant land sculpture completed in 2012, this was made with 1.5 million metric tons of soil from an adjacent open-pit mine.

It's 34 meters high and 400 meters long.

Mexico City, Del Ejecutivo plaza
The region of more than 430,000 people includes three large traditional markets in Mexico City.

Algeria, Sahara desert
The region has a hot climate with an average annual rainfall of less than 10 mm. Summer daytime temperatures can reach up to 50 ° C, earning it the nickname "the fire triangle".

Kawah Ijen, Indonesia
A layered volcano in East Java, Indonesia, with a 1km-wide turquoise acidic crater lake.

Almeria, Spain
The greenhouse in Almeria covers about 20,000 hectares, aiming to increase yields and shortening growing times.

How do you feel after watching all those beautiful images of our world? I’m speechless… Incredible.

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Source: GuideinChina
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