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We all have heard of these famous brands. But have you thought what their name really means? Check this list for the origins of these brand names-

1. Pepsi- Pepsi was originally developed by Bradham in a drug store. Originally called Brad’s Drink, he served it as a digestive aid and not a refreshment drink. With gains in popularity, he eventually named it Pepsi, meaning indigestion.
2. Adidas- Adidas is named after the founder Adolf Dassler who started making sports shoes after he came back from serving in the World War. The famous brand combines his nick name Adi and the first three letters of his surname.
3. Zara- Zara was originally named after the film Zorba the Greek. However, the first store happened to be two blocks away from a bar with the name, Zorba. Amancio Ortega, the founder then rearranged the name in the best way he could.
4. Rolex- Founder Hans Wilsdorf wanted to create a brand name that could be pronounced in any language. He tried combining letters of the alphabets in every way possible. One day while travelling in the City of London on the upper deck of an omnibus, a genie whispered in his ear, ‘Rolex’.

5. Ikea- It is named after the founder Ingvar Kamprid by combining the initials of his own name, IK, with the first letters of the farm and village he grew up in Sweden: Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.
6. Starbucks- It was named after a character in Moby Dick. The name came to him after he saw a map with a similar named town, Starbo. As he always wanted to name the company starting with the letters “St”, he went with it.
7. Gap - The name refers to the generation gap between adults and kids. It opened in 1969 with the goal of selling good jeans.
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