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There's a couple in America called Rachel and Cassity who love dogs as much as you and I do. After their golden retriever gave birth to a pool of tiny golden retrievers, the family was overjoyed. But one of the dogs was unusually quiet, lying alone in a corner. The dog remained motionless while all its brothers and sisters were fighting for food.

Naturally, Rachel and Cassity were concerned about this little puppy, so when they gave away all the other puppies, they decided to keep this one. One day, while playing a game of picking up a ball, the dog suddenly laid flat on his stomach. As they looked closer, they realized that the dog's front legs had suddenly flipped over its back. It wailed. Rachel picked it up and drove to the hospital immediately.

It took doctors a long time to realize that there might be something wrong with the dog’s nervous system, which they announced was untreatable. Since then, the dog's name became Rexi, close to T-Rex. The reason: one is that it walks like a T-Rex, and the other is that they want it to be as strong as a T-Rex.

Cassity went to a number of vets to try to find a solution. The most common answer was euthanasia to end the dog’s life so she would no longer suffer from her condition. But every time she came home, she saw Rexi was desperately trying to get to her and felt genuinely moved by its relentless efforts.

Rexi's front leg is getting worse; it continues to use its hind legs to push its body forward, but its chest is bare to the ground. As Rachel and Cassity have no children, they see Rexi as their very own. It was their duty to look after it, no matter what.

The thought of seeing her child die was unbearable to Rachel. She told the vets that euthanasia wasn’t an option. Rexi is so optimistic and strong to live that no one had the right to take its life. Instead of the melancholy of a sick dog, Rexi was always cheerful.

She gets very excited when it’s time to go for a walk. But as Rachel became more and more worried about her injury, the couple decided to buy Rexi a special vest that wraps around her front leg. Rexi rarely looks sad and lonely but full of life. But the stronger Rexi appeared, the more tears Cassity shed.

Rachel massages Rexi when he's free, hoping it will recover soon. Cassity even bought a dog wheelchair for Rexi. But several times, Rexi ran so fast that the stone tripped on the wheel and flipped it directly over. Rexi has also resisted wheelchairs. Then it was thrown into the corner, and they worried that Rexi would suffer even more damages.

Desperate, Cassity posted about Rexi’s situation online. When a vet saw his post, she advised to have an amputation arranged and use a prosthetic leg instead, but Rachel refused. Cassity often massages Rexi and knows that her legs are sentient. X-rays of her bones also turned out perfectly fine.

Although Rexi can't control her leg on her own, she can move it to its normal position with the help of an external force. What they want to do is cure Rexi not temporarily but for good. As news of Rexi broke out, more and more people wanted to help. A highly-skilled veterinarian was eventually found to have the means to treat Rexi's leg.

But the cost of the operation was far beyond what the young couple could afford. They eventually started an online donation campaign to raise more than $20,000. Rexi’s “parents” couldn’t believe it and praised every single person who donated to their cause.

Rachel said:

“I just want to do more for her. It's not her fault that she was born disabled. But I could never forgive myself if I’d given up on her.”

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Source - GuideinChina
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