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Seems like innovations and China are synonyms to each other as China never miss a chance to surprise the world with their crazy yet useful inventions. Thus, taking their love affair with technology to the next level, now China has come up with world's first AI news anchor.

The Xinhua News Agency partnered with search engine Segou to release the world’s first synthetic news anchor powered entirely using artificial intelligence. It debuted on November 7th at the 5th World Internet Conference.

"Cloned" as the real anchor, these AI hosts have the ability to work 24 hours a day from a separate body.

This has not only achieved technological innovation and breakthroughs in the field of global AI synthesis but also pioneered the synthesis of real-time audio and video with AI human images in the field of journalism. The new "AI news anchor” come in Chinese and English.

An “AI synthetic anchor" is formed by extracting the features of voice, lip shape, facial movements and other features of live anchors' news broadcast video, and using the joint modeling training of voice, lip shape, facial expression synthesis, and deep learning.

This technology can automatically generate the video of corresponding content as Chinese and English text input and ensure that the audio, facial expressions and lip movements in the video are naturally consistent, showing the same effect of information transmission as the real live anchors.

What it can be used to do?
"AI synthetic anchor" has officially become members of the Xinhua News Agency. They will bring authoritative, timely and accurate news information in both Chinese and English together with other hosts and hostesses.

Real-life anchors work eight hours a day, but AI anchors can work tirelessly for 24 hours! provided human editors keep inputting text into the system.

Whether it be to improve the production efficiency of TV news channels in daily reports or to reduce production cost, to quickly generate news videos in emergency reports or improve the timeliness and quality of reports, "AI synthetic anchors" have an unlimited future in the application of different news scenarios.

What do you think of this type of AI technology? Is it a threat for news anchors across the world? Would you watch the news if they were told by an AI?

Well, I think anchoring is an irreplaceable skill. Want to know your take.

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Source - GuideinChina
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