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Maybe you have your birthday in February or know someone who does. Either way, check these 7 personality traits of people born in that month-

1. They are direct- People born in this month will cut to the chase. They do not beat around the bush or be diplomatic. You will always find them to be honest. This makes their opinion reliable as you can believe what they say.

2. They are authentic- These people have their own way of doing things. They do not believe in copying anyone. Not looking to please anyone, they have their own voice and have a unique perspective.

3. They are mysterious- February born people have a mysterious aura. They do not reveal everything about themselves and will leave you guessing about what is going on in their minds. This makes them as interesting as they come.

4. They are devoted to family- Not only are they extremely faithful, these people are devoted to their families and partners. This makes them excellent spouses.

5. They have strong will power- Having a strong will power, these people can get over any obstacle in their lives. Their strength makes them the envy of many people.

6. They are philanthropic - These people are very empathetic and take care of everyone around them. They denote in huge amounts to charity and love helping others.

7. They are often silent- This is not due their moodiness but rather their depth of thought. They try to assess a situation in the best way they can.

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