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A video of a bear and her baby cub gained a lot of traction across the media. Barely 2 minutes and 47 seconds long, that video was enough to bring many friends to tears, who felt moved by what happens. “The mother bear and her cub gave us an extremely vivid and valuable life lesson.”

The video footage was taken on a snowy mountain in the Magadan region of Russia, where a mother bear and her cub were trying to climb a steep slope covered with snow. The mother due to her size and power can reach the top of the mountain easily and steadily in a few moments.

Her cute and diminutive cub, however, can be seen struggling to hold on to the mountain with its claws and starts to slide down.

But when his mother reached the top of the mountain, the cub rushed to the top again. At the same time, the mother was anxiously waiting at the top gazing over her baby to make sure he (or she) could make it up there.

Despite numerous failed attempts, the cub never gave up and began to follow the mother’s footsteps marked by the snow. Clever, isn't it?

Alllllmost there! The cub slid again.

After four climbing attempts and three falls, the baby bear finally reached the summit and was reunited to her/her mother.

A lot of parents and education workers, think of this video as the perfect lesson to be learned. It’s a great example of never giving up; because amazing persons called parents will always support you and look back at you through thick and thin.

But is this really the case?
If you look at the video, you'll find that at about 40 seconds, a black shadow flies over which seems to be that of an eagle.

Just as the bear was about to climb to the top, the drone shot zoomed in and the mother suddenly gave the bear a helping paw. Animal behaviorists argue that the mother felt threatened by her surroundings and acted to protect her cub. Throughout the video, the mother bear's behavior is extremely anxious, which makes her feel that her surroundings are out of control. She wanted to run away as quickly as possible.

Those types of struggles and anxieties happen on a daily basis. Some cat owners play practical jokes on their cats by placing a cucumber behind it, which gets them to freak out and jump off the floor instantly.

Little do these owners know that such a shock may cause long-term sequelae to them. And there are many other cases. Mankind and animals are meant to coexist together on this planet. Let’s respect and protect them to the best of our ability and not become the reason why they dread humanity.

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Source - GuideinChina
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