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Next time you dismiss an idea thinking it is worthless, think again because the very idea could not only induce smiles on many faces but can also make you popular. Recently a designer Geng became an overnight internet sensation in China after he announced his bizarre creations on the internet.

Geng from Baoding, Hebei province, didn’t gain rising popularity because of his awesome creative products, but rather because of his useless inventions which have made netizens love him. We really enjoyed looking at his useless work, and we want you to share the same with you. The most notable feature of his inventions is that they’re "very strange, not practical, but show a unique humor temperament."

People just want to ha ha ha ha ha!
Let's have a look:

The Knife Bag
The first one on the list is the Knife Bag, so no one ever dares to touch your phone again without seeking your permission. If you own this dangerous looking bag, you won't have to be afraid of losing your phone anymore.

Iron Knife Fan
The next item is the Iron Knife Fan which has multiple benefits. You can obviously use it as a hand fan and can also chop lemons when you crave lemon juice during the hot season.

Iron Comb
This is yet another useful product you should own if you have long hair that is difficult to manage.

Chicken Iron Helmet
We all love our pets for the amazing creatures they are thus we are inclined to care for them, and Geng is no exception. Maybe that is why he made his hen a cute helmet that would protect him from I don't know what. Lol

Iron Tie
A tie which can also be a weapon, but be careful when you sit down. Maybe you get yourself hurt, you know… around the important place. Your jewels.

Rotating Selfie Stick
Do you love capturing yourself? Well, now you can light up your beauty from all sides with this rotating selfie stick.

Interestingly, he had tried to sell his inventions online, but the result was that none of them were sold. People do not understand art. However, he did get more than 2.4 million follows now haha. One netizen said he has magical hands. One said to hurry up and apply for a patent. and we would advise you the same Geng.

How do you feel about his inventions?

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Source - GuideinChina
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