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Captain America and Iron Man’s fight in the 2016 chart topper Civil War was probably one of the much awaited and most anticipated collisions in recent cinematic history. And while the two superheroes had a chance to duke it out in a brutal fight on screens, the actors behind these iconic characters only fight with words, and even then, in a joking matter only. Robert Downey Jr. Is known for his jokes, especially funny social media post, so it’s no surprise that every once in a while he cracks one at his good friend, Chris Evans. Perhaps inspired by Christopher’s enormous love for all things Disney, Downey Jr. sent the Marvel co-star a pair of photos comparing the two to classic characters. And it started a whole trend of trying to find similarities between the Disney superheroes and other Disney characters. So scroll down below to check them out and tell us what you think.

That "You kept the towel on the bed yet again" look. Isn't it?
How many of you think Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will together make the best couple ever? I do a big time.
Here is one by Robert Downey Jr. himself.
That "We goona defeat Thanos look"
The way both looks into each others eyes is giving me weird goosebumps. Wait! is that even a thing?
Without doubt two good Disney reference in a single picture.
We got him back from the space. Hurray!!!
Nina, we are considering this one and it is hilarious.
Robert and Evan's fan would surely consider these for their new wallpapers. Right?
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