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If you are a millennial, you might have not been born with access to mobile phones or the internet, but you sure must have had great memories from childhood. Here is a list of 8 things you might have grown up with instead which Generation Z will not relate to-

1.Floppy disks
What Generation Z calls the 'save icon'...

2. Cassettes
You know you're getting old if you remember using as pen to rotate the cassette holes..

3. Walkman
Yes, we couldn't store songs on our phones, much less stream music videos on Youtube..

4. Camera rolls
No DSLRs, just a Reel camera was what we had...

5. Game Boy
Remember fighting with your siblings over this?

6. Ring Toss
The immense dedication you needed for this...

7. VHS Cassette
Before the invention of USBs and memory cards, this is all we had to store our memories and watch movies on.
8.Video Game Cassettes
Mario's quest to save princess peach was the only thing that mattered back then...
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