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The taboo that goes with men is that men don't have secret fears. "They look so strong and decisive" is what a majority of women would say and feel. However, this is just another stereotype imposed by society. And let me tell you, we are against stereotypes and thus it becomes our responsibility to break any of such. That’s why today we will tell you about 10 things that actually worry most men, but they will never tell you.

1. How their body looks
Women from a very young age are taught about the importance of maintaining their body all the time. They are asked to work out constantly and follow a strict diet even if it means staying hungry. But there are no such stereotypes about men, but this doesn’t mean they don’t worry about how they look or do not compare themselves with those muscular men on the magazine covers. Otherwise, why would men spend so much time in the gym?

2. Money is always on their head
Money is one of the most popular reasons why men worry. They since a small age are brought up as future breadwinners. A man might even not have a girlfriend, but they worry about their future because eventually, society will judge him based on how much he makes. Money is not the most necessary thing for a relationship is money but make a man understand this fact is quite a grueling task.

3. Height
How can a man not worry if one of the main features of "an ideal man" is being tall? If women cared about height less, then guys who are not that tall would have more chances. Size doesn’t matter if it’s not about the size of his heart. Cheeeeesy

4. Other men can be a threat
Men’s jealousy is not usually as strong and furious as women’s, however, it hurts them just as much. Your partner might pretend like he does not care about the new friend you made at work, but you should know this: he worries a lot, and he starts comparing himself with a potential competitor. To wipe out his fear, you should talk to him honestly and explain that there is absolutely no threat.

5. Little experience in relationships
The image of a macho man is every man’s worst nightmare because it makes them try to look like experienced lovers and lie about the number of ex-girlfriends they had. In fact, they are just as afraid of doing something wrong as women are. Support and honesty in all things about your relationship will help you feel more confident.

6. Hair
Guys hair fight is a serious fight. A little amount of hair on the body — what if it doesn’t look macho enough? Too much hair — is it too messy? Maybe yes or maybe not. And in addition, being bald is often the worst thing that can ever happen. You might make things worse by mentioning these problems to your partner.

7. Diet
"I’m on a diet." ever heard a man saying these words? Probably not. Women you these words more often, but if a man mentions a diet he has been practicing it might sound strange. However, men also care about their bodies and are ready to do what it takes to make it look good. We need to give them space and let them practice what they seek. Everyone wants to be healthy and in good shape. It’s just that men talk about this way less often.

8. Their relationship with their girlfriend
Women discuss relationships and related pros and cons way more than anything else. However, if men start discussing this, women might think it’s strange. Of course, men are "care-less," so they shouldn’t worry about little things like relationships, right? But it is not like that. Man also want everything to be okay, so let them worry.

9. How many partners a girl had had before him
For a man, it is very tough to digest the fact that her woman had had more partners than him before they met. If this comes to his senses, the man will have to compete with them. Besides, your partner might also worry about being less experienced than you. In such cases, it is important that you both sit and talk about stuff that has been worrying you both. Most important thing is to explain to him that the past is in the past, and it should not ruin the present peace that exist between you two.

10. Open expression of emotions
Men are often asked not to shed tears either by parents or every second person in the society. They believe a boy who cries is not strong and would fail in life. But we think that’s not such a good idea. As a man, we have a lot going inside our head, we feel sad, and there are times when the only way to calm ourselves is crying out the pain. Thus asking a man to not to cry because he is a man is not the greatest of the ideas.

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