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Ever stuck in a situation when the driver behind your vehicle just won't stop honking and irritating the hell out of you? Well, you probably have, and when you bump into any such situation, the only thought that goes inside one's mind is getting off the car - and you know the rest. But we need to keep our calm whatsoever.

Anyways, won’t attempt to answer the riddle of why people act like jerks in their cars. However, we will introduce you to 7 kinds of drivers that make you hate your life.

The Slow Driver
Usually an old person with a beat up car, this driver will take forever and always seem to show up when you're running late and really have to be somewhere.

The "Jagal"
This driver, usually a young man with music blasting and windows rolled down, is the worst. He goes between cars for no reason and is usually multitasking while driving his pimped car that's making noises to make it seem cool. The jackal's car is often painted in neon colors and has stickers all over building up the driver's ego.

The Honker
This driver is chronically angry and will honk at any mistake anyone does, and will also start honking .001 seconds after a sign turns green. If you're stuck in front of one of these drivers, you will have the urge to walk out of your car and hit them in the face, but you must fight it.

The Cab Driver
While we admire their good work, at times we just have to voice our anger over how much they randomly stop in the middle of the road to pick up uninterested pedestrians. It may only be a few seconds, but it feels like ages when you're behind a cab driver and they're trying to pick someone up. Please, just stop on the side, please.

The Chatty Driver
This driver is the road version of the popular guy at school, they can barely seem to drive a couple of minutes until they see someone they know, stop the car in the middle of the road, and have a nice little chat with them. It's either that they really are unaware that there are people behind them, or they just honestly don't care, but these drivers drive you nuts.

The Daredevil
This is the driver who breaks all the laws and wants you to break them too. He mistakes the highway for a racing track, changing lanes, driving in wrong directions, and won't stop there; he will honk/shout at you if you're in front of them and won't skip a light. This driver is often a young male with someone beside him he's trying to impress, usually a prospective girlfriend.

The Multitasking Driver
This driver can text, smoke, apply make-up, eat and drive all at the same time. These drivers never seem to worry about their safety, or that of others, they really need to do the unnecessary things they are doing while driving.

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Source - AfricanTime
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