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With the highs in life, come the lows. Unlike Philadelphia, life isn’t always sunny. There are times when we just want to roll up in our beds and watch something that will get us out of the slump we are in. Nothing too depressing or heavyweight will do, just something that makes us feel good on the inside.

Here is a list of five such movies and shows you can stream on Netflix when you are just not feeling up to it and want a pick me up-

Well do you really need a reason to watch this one other than it has Bradley Cooper? If you do, it is a visual delight with a thrilling narrative that won’t let you off the edge of your seat. The movie is almost inspirational in how a burnt out writer turns around his life to become a successful financial wizard and social charmer. Sounds great right? The only twist is that he does so with the help of a “mysterious” pill that causes complications like memory lapses leading to eventually risky situations.

What I liked about the movie-
Robert de Niro’s supporting role– The legend creates magic every time he appears on screen. His chemistry with Cooper is undeniable, almost reminiscent of Silver Lining’s Playbook.

It’s unique direction- Camera effects which show transitions every time he is on the pill will leave you in awe and hyped up.

A different spin on a rags to riches story – This is not your cliche story of a man who rises to fame and fortune. Instead, the main character has zest and unapologetic ambition and mostly remains himself throughout his rise and fall in spite of his distorted memory.

Who knew a police precinct could be full of laughter and fun loving people? Brooklyn Nine Nine promises to give you just that and more. With every character having a wacky sense of humor and penchant for bravado, you will simply fall in love with their adorable selves. The show’s USP is that almost every scene has a quip or punchline which will leave you in splits.

Given it’s character arcs and brilliant plots, it’s no wonder that there was a huge outcry when it was cancelled by Fox (which led to it being picked later up by NBC). It’s lightheartedness will leave a smile on your face for a long time.

What I like about the show-
Andy Samberg- His character’s child like view of the world which later becomes more matured (well, not completely), undying love for Die Hard and friendship with his best friend Boyle is delightful to say the least!

The bond the ensemble have between themselves– The feeling of family the detectives have for each other makes you feel warm inside.

Bold female characters– I’m talking of course about the dangerous trio of the “bad ass” Rosa, sassy Gina Linetti and competitive Amy.

I have a bet this movie will soon go down as a high school romantic comedy classic. The movie plot follows a young girl who is embarrassed to find out all of the love letters she had written to her crushes as a memoir have been leaked. Yikes!

A well written script and sizzling romantic chemistry between Peter and Lara Jean will make you heart eyed and recollect the innocence of youth. The very real performances keep the story woven together well.

What I liked about the movie-
The dreamy Peter Kavinsky- Unless you are living under a rock, you probably already know the entire internet’s female population lost its cool over this fictional teen idol. His charming portrayal is akin to that of Heath Ledger in the movie, 10 Things I hate About You.
Asian American representation done right- Most lead characters who are of Asian descent in movies are depicted in a cringey way to show how their entire existence and being revolve around their ethnicity. This movie on the other hand, even having an American Asian female lead, doesn’t make Lara Jean’s Korean heritage her whole identity but only a part it.

If you have a Peter Kavinsky hang over, you can definitely watch this movie for Noah Centineo as he gives a riveting performance for the second time since his debut.

The movie is the tale of an “unpopular” teenager, Sierra and her quest for love. On receiving a message from an anonymous number which belongs to an athletic quarterback, Sierra is smitten. However, she finds out she is being mistaken for the school’s most gorgeous cheerleader by her suitor. The plot follows the complicated relationships they later form as a result of the mix up.

What I liked about the movie-
Shannon Purser’s charm– The Stranger Things actress is eloquent in her portrayal of an intelligent, witty and mostly confident teenager. Her presence radiates the screen

The budding friendship with the antagonist– The scenes in which Sierra and the cheerleader Veronica become closer as friends has you rooting for their camaraderie. Veronica’s acceptance of Sierra publicly moves away from tropes where the popular kid is too afraid to be seen with their new supposed unpopular friend giving it a breath of fresh air.

This coming of age series showcases the struggles and reality of autism in a sensitive way. Sam’s quest begins when he decides to find love on the suggestion of his therapist. The show revolves around his journey and showcases his family dynamics and how it is affected as a result of his diagnosis.

Robia Rashid, the show’s creator does an excellent job in illustrating how we all deserve love and support whether it is from a protective yet playfully aggressive sister, an understanding but quirky girlfriend, or a lovable side kick who tries to guide you through life in his own way.

What I like about the show-
Engaging sub plots– Izzie’s tryst with acceptance among her friends and dealing with her emotions makes you connect with how hard it can be finding yourself . Her naturalness and the ease of her presence on screen is a cherry on the top.

Believable characters- The characters do not claim to be perfect or do anything that is unconvincing for them which is a leap of change from the regular heroic portrayals shown in every tv show.

Positive take on autism- Sam who is diagnosed as being autistic is shown to be deeply perceptive and shows incredible growth throughout the two seasons while learning important lessons. This show will hopefully remove the stigma and raise awareness regarding the condition.

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