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Having good friends who will come to your rescue every time you need them is indeed a blessing that only a few of us enjoy. When you are around someone you love seeing often, you worry less, you smile more, and life is more fun. A good friend supports you and shows that they care about you by their actions - big and small. Given below are 8 such actions that will prove that your friend is really someone you can count on.

They can Reminisce Wth You the Entire night
Real friends don’t always need to go out and rage to have fun. They are completely fine with sitting back and reliving the times when you did rage on a Friday night.
But They are also Eager to Make New Memories
Just because they love to reminisce with you doesn’t mean that you have stopped making new memories together.

They Don’t Even Let You Finish the Whole Joke
This is mainly because they have heard the punchline a million times before, and are already laughing or maybe they are well aware of your sense of humor and know what you can come up with.

They Have Been a Taxi Service When You Needed a Rid
Your real friends have woken up at 5 am in the morning before to give you a ride to the airport- and you have done the same for them. They have also stayed up until the early hour of 3 am, sober, to drive you home after having a fun night out.

They Helped You Climb Up From Rock Bottom
Real friends stick with you when times get tough. They remind you that things will always get better and help you get out of the hole you’re in. True friends stay behind to help you, and they make the fair-weather friends that scatter like roaches look awful.

Their Closet is Half Yours. Yours is Half Theirs
Whose sweater is this, anyway? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in someone’s closet so you can both wear it in the future.
They Still Love you After Seeing you Projectile Vomit Everywhere.
They have seen the gross and disgusting side of you, and they have probably been there themselves. They may make you clean up the puke off their walls, floors, guest bed and everywhere else- but they still love you.

They are Your Other Half- Which Creates a Whole Idiot.
They have been, and will always be, there to create, love, and cherish the craziest and stupidest moments in your life.

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Source - AfricanTime
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