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It is no rocket science to understand that before 30, we are actually more in love and too possessive regarding our other half amid, the feeling called love is more like a new exciting chapter you have been wanting to read. Thus, often an evening without him/her seems like the end of the world whereas, after 30, an evening without him/her is the perfect time for doing what you have always wanted to do alone.

After 30 years of age, phone calls eventually turn into messages and love loses its essence. It’s all about the busy schedule.

Making your other half jealous is the most mischievous yet a fun thing to do right? Well, not after you are mature enough to understand how it feels on the other side. More than jealous, you used to make him/her worried and that’s not what you wanted, of course. Comics like these are so relatable.

The old adage “love speak louder than words” comes into play once you cross the physiological milestone. You tend to show love rather than speaking it out. Surprise date, long walks, talking about life becomes a part of your daily schedule and that’s eventually so romantic, isn’t it?

Moreover, you become less concerned with what you are wearing because, by the time you have hit 30 years of age, you both know that the love is true and not going to be affected by what the other person wears, unlike before 30.

After you are mature enough, you tend to care more about things that he/she needs rather than just buying things to show-off the love.

After 30 parties are no more the best option to hang out, rather it’s gazing at the beautiful sunset with the other half is what most couples crave for.

Before 30, everyone dreads getting pregnant and is not the news they want to hear whatsoever. After 30 however, it’s a thing of joy.

The more time you spend with each other, the more comfortable you get with anything. You know you can be yourself next to him/her. That’s what love is all about.

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